Saturday, June 2, 2012

Living Room Linky Party

Sharing our living room areas is the latest linking party! I felt obligated guess I will share my humble abode. Since it is my "cleaning day" this probably is the best time to show my decorating skill or non-skills!

Looking toward the foyer from the dining room you catch a blimpse of the "blogging" chair--recliner--and loveseat. (I want you to know that I had to remove a maltie-poo I am dog sitting for to get this shot).

Standing in front of the loveseat you can take a look at the fireplace and tv armoire. We are contemplating moving the tv over the fireplace and "shoving" the armoire flush against the wall.

Standing next to the fireplace and looking out the sofa table is adjoining the living room.

I did want to share with you this precious chair. It is from a school and is a little oak chair that used to be used in first grade I would guess. Since I teach first grade--well you get the idea.

Toward the sofa from the dining room.
Last picture I promise! The curio cabinet in the corner houses some of my blue ware that I've collected from my grandmother and mom.

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