Sunday, October 21, 2012

Versatile Gray

Versatile Gray. Looks gray. Looks beige. Looks taupe.

Versatile Gray is a SW color. Light and airy. Soothing!

I went with it in my open living area and foyer.

I like the way the dark drapes contrasts with the gray. (Sorry about the dog on the couch--he refused to get down). 
It also allowed me to use some gray chevron pillows. 

  The white wainscoting still provides enough contrasts to satisfy me.

And I also used it in the kitchen. I do want to add some tile to the backsplash but since the paint is an eggshell finish it is able to be washed.

I had used blue drapes that were solid but it just looked too washed out for me.



I'm getting in the decorating for Christmas spirit! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Autumn Inspirations

It's here! Summer is a distant memory. 

Just a hint of fall colors. And saying goodbye to my beautiful ferns. 

I've tried to keep them through the winter months but never have succeeded. They always lose their leaves and look pitiful. Thanks to Lowes they are easily replaced each spring.

Love the spice of warm fall dinners. If you have tasted this creole sausage and beans dish--it will definitely warm you--maybe a little too much. You can find the recipe shared by Cara here.

The touch of autumn creeps into the living areas. Time to curl up with a good book and relax.