Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bye-Bye Baby

Yes, it is out with the old. Bye-bye big huge take-over-the room armoire.  Even though I paid $$$ for you and searched until I found you. It's time to go.

You overtook my fireplace. You created a barrier into the dining room. But...I didn't worry about those little things. Because I liked you. 

But, things changed. People began selling those babies--on Craig's List and Ebay...all. the.time. It was an omen. Yes, your days were limited. 

What began as a thoughtful search for the perfect Christmas gift for Mr. Spouse ended your reign. I ordered your replacement for a mere $30 and that included shipping. A metal bracket. A morning project. were gone--at least your top half was. We kept a part of you to hold our receiver, Direct TV box, DVD player. And...

I think I will always remember you---as long as you are sitting in my garage I cannot possibly forget you!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Home Office Work Zone

Other than the recliner with trusty laptop--well I do have a spare bedroom that I consider my office. I've been inspired lately by two beautiful home offices that I cannot compete with. Take a look here and here
Oh, these are definitely a showcase.

I started with baby steps. First up--change the color of my bookcase and computer desk from two different shades of brown to basic black.

Baby step 1: sand the table lightly and clean the dust off! /And of course I'm trying to accomplish this task IN the office and not IN the garage. HMMMM may want to reconsider that next time.

The actual re-staining didn't take long at all. And it actually dried in a couple of hours and I was able to put the second touch up coat on.

Pardon the mess surrounding the desk. I keep telling fussing at my husband that we really need to do something with all those cords!  Another project is adding some additional storage!

Step 2: Use the above polyshades and change the bookcase. This project did NOT go as planned. It seemed that the bookcase was not real wood. Stain and laminate = bad combination.

It appears black. But if one (ME) touches it, the color is flaking off. Sadsville! Double SADSVILLE!
But for now, it will stay. Next project is to put together one of those nine cube section bookcases (already black!!!) to get the bookcase organized in a better combination.

Until step 3--I'm trying!