Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 2--Meet and Comment

Jenna's second day of the challenge is to describe why and what I blog about.

I began this blog about a month ago. I became interested in some blogs that were not teaching related and enjoyed meeting new people and gaining inspirations from their activities/decorating/cooking, etc . I guess some of the first ones that I came upon were:

My latest one that I absolutely am interested in is the remaking of a house that needed lots of love over at Southern Hospitality. Rhoda has gone through some tough times and is now at the point to take a house and make it a home. That is /has been my desire. I've lived in my house for 32 years. So it isn't new. The rooms have been home for me for quite a while. Memories abound--both good and bad. But I'm always wanting to change little things here and there to make it a loving place and a comfortable place to relax.

I like a challenge. I like to think that I can understand the blogging aspect itself. I created this blog by myself. Lots of google searches to find ways to change HTML. I'm definitely not an expert. But I keep trying.

Now, I have time tonight to search and read/comment on ten new blogs.


  1. Hi Jeanne! I'm stopping by from Jenna's and I'm a fan of Rhoda's too. Wow, I get to be your first follower. Blessings, Dani

  2. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love looking at home blogs. I am trying to make our house a home.