Saturday, February 16, 2013

Adding a Little Pattern

With all the dreariness of winter and inside hours, I just needed a little "bling" in my dining and living rooms. Since they are open to each other, I noticed that there was just no pattern. Everything was solid. Couch. Loveseat. Drapes. Well, you get the picture:

I tried putting accessories but it still just seemed oh-hum. By looking at all the fabulous homes on blogs and getting inspirations that makes me a little more unsatisfied with what I have I went looking for something fairly inexpensive but something to add a little drama. Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality has the most fabulous pattern in her drapes and brought in lots of aqua/blue touches.

Living room large view

I'm a long way off from this beauty. I did find some pattern in these curtains from Target. 

It's a beginning. I am searching for other touches that will liven up the rooms. I searched and searched today for fabric/and or table runners to use in the dining room but didn't find anything that touched my heart. I am adding a touch of life with plants.

My current table runners are actually silk type drapes that I have folded and placed on the dining room table and island in the kitchen. I'll keep searching. I'll keep wanting some LIFE in my life!