Monday, June 25, 2012

Meet and Comment

Hi! I'm a new blogger in the home/family world. I have had a teaching blog for over a year. But since I am new--I really need some friends. I feel so...well lonely! 
I am joining Jenna's Journey and the 3rd Annual Commenting Challenge.

I am a first grade teacher and love the decorating of my classroom. I love to read and the joy of teaching my firsties to engage in the world of books is heart rendering!

I am married to a wonderful guy. We have been married for 35 years now and he is my best friends. We have had three children--all boys. My first son is now deceased. He was a police officer. My next son is married and is in the nuclear engineering field. My youngest son is a coach and high school teacher.

I have been a follower of HGTV and love to peek inside homes all across America. I started out watching Matt and Shari on Room by Room. I guess this started my redecorating. We've done lots of projects in our home!

Please join me in my journey of blogging!


  1. Stopping by from Jenna's Journey - I love HGTV too. I noticed you are linking up over at Kelly's Korner also. I have totally missed this years link-ups. I can't keep my house picture perfect with three littles running around! Enjoy :-)

  2. Visiting from Jenna's, too! Very pretty blog! I am currently in organize mode this year in my house, but next year will be my decorate year! :)

  3. Hi! Stopping by from Jenna's Journey, and nice to meet another Tennessee teacher who survived the TEAM model this year! It was something, wasn't it? I am an avid HGTV fan, but I don't have cable anymore. So I have to watch old reruns on Hulu or We're talking about moving, so I'm hoping for my "dream home" that I can fully decorate soon! =)


  4. Mrs. Confident, I feel as if I've won a contest to complete year one of TEAM! Next year has to be easier.

  5. We can figure out this blogging world :) Thanks for stopping in!