Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 2--Meet and Comment

Jenna's second day of the challenge is to describe why and what I blog about.

I began this blog about a month ago. I became interested in some blogs that were not teaching related and enjoyed meeting new people and gaining inspirations from their activities/decorating/cooking, etc . I guess some of the first ones that I came upon were:

My latest one that I absolutely am interested in is the remaking of a house that needed lots of love over at Southern Hospitality. Rhoda has gone through some tough times and is now at the point to take a house and make it a home. That is /has been my desire. I've lived in my house for 32 years. So it isn't new. The rooms have been home for me for quite a while. Memories abound--both good and bad. But I'm always wanting to change little things here and there to make it a loving place and a comfortable place to relax.

I like a challenge. I like to think that I can understand the blogging aspect itself. I created this blog by myself. Lots of google searches to find ways to change HTML. I'm definitely not an expert. But I keep trying.

Now, I have time tonight to search and read/comment on ten new blogs.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Meet and Comment

Hi! I'm a new blogger in the home/family world. I have had a teaching blog for over a year. But since I am new--I really need some friends. I feel so...well lonely! 
I am joining Jenna's Journey and the 3rd Annual Commenting Challenge.

I am a first grade teacher and love the decorating of my classroom. I love to read and the joy of teaching my firsties to engage in the world of books is heart rendering!

I am married to a wonderful guy. We have been married for 35 years now and he is my best friends. We have had three children--all boys. My first son is now deceased. He was a police officer. My next son is married and is in the nuclear engineering field. My youngest son is a coach and high school teacher.

I have been a follower of HGTV and love to peek inside homes all across America. I started out watching Matt and Shari on Room by Room. I guess this started my redecorating. We've done lots of projects in our home!

Please join me in my journey of blogging!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fireplace Makeover

I was inspired by a post on The Yellow Cape Cod. 
After viewing this I was determined to try this. But fear set in. Once I had started the process, there would be no going back. I went to SW. And looked at the same paint that was recommended. I really didn't want to spend $50 for the paint. So off to Lowe's. The paint mentioned was acrylic latex. Indoor paint. I asked the workers that were mixing paint. They said they didn't have anything that was acrylic latex in indoor paint. So, in my car and just went home.

I slept on it a few days. I came back and read the tutorial. Again, I went to Lowe's and decided I would read the labels because surely they had something. Well, this time the workers were running through with their big loader cart and I kept having to step out of the way. I could NOT find anything and just gave up and went home...again.

I slept on it a few more days--it sounds like I do a lot of sleeping but I promise you that isn't the case.

OK. Third trip to Lowe's. Walked in and went to the Valspar paint--flat indoor white paint--and there in nice big letters--100% acrylic latex. Now I'm not even sure why this is what is needed. But I grabbed that paint and paid for it--it was $27. Much better than $50.

I thought it would take hours and hours to complete. I finally got my nerve up. And started:
30 minutes--cleaning off the mantel and wiping down the brick.
10 minutes--preparing by taping off areas and mixing the paint/whitewash mixture.
I mixed two cups of paint and two cups of water. It is really,, really thin!

45 minutes--painting on a section and then wiping it off. And project was complete!!!!
What? I did it in only a little over an hour????

I'm not finished with accessorizing. But I just placed a couple of things there to see the contrast.

I think I'm going to sleep well tonight! I'm a happy camper.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dining Room Share

This week the linky party over at Kelly's Korner is sharing our dining areas. I think this is/ has been one of my favorite remodels in our home. Adding the picture frame molding and crown molding has been the key to the
"inspired homeowner's" love.

We eat in our dining room every day. We tore down a half wall that was between the kitchen and dining room and added an island to the kitchen. That took away our "eat in kitchen". 
View from dining room into the kitchen.

View from the living room.

View from the kitchen.

Recently changed table from oval to a rectangle.
Before table:

The added picture frame molding and painted walls. The paint color is SW Portabello. It is two shades darker than the Practical Beige that we have used in our living room and kitchen.

What do you think?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Master Bedroom/Paint Problems

Since Kelly's Korner week for the linky party is about the master bedroom, I feel like I am in a whirlwind. When one thing leads to another which leads to another...

I am liking the new "gray" as a neutral. Last December I painted the bedroom Mindful Gray (a SW color but was mixed at Lowe's). I liked it. 

This was the "just finished painting picture". The white below the chair rail was fine. I won a Target gift card and found some drapes on Target.com at a great clearance price. I think I paid $18 after the shipping and taxes and gift card was applied. I love the way they hang. They have the hidden tabs.

All is good except I haven't found bed coverings that I like/love yet!
I haven't hung any pictures yet either--waiting on the bed covering to decide what I need.

A few road trips netted the Fontana furniture--from Georgia to Kentucky--was how I found the bed, dresser, mirror, and amoire.

Now...to the next bedroom. Yesterday I decided to paint a guest room the same Mindful Gray color. It looks totally different. Dark. The color I wanted was actually the color when it was wet--first applied---not dark. 

I don't know if it shows in the pictures or not. 
Here is Master bedroom:
Guest bedroom:
Mixed at Lowe's but different times.

Oh well...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Home is where the KITCHEN is

This week the linking party at Kelly's Korner is focusing on our kitchens. I've been enjoying snooping on all the wonderful ones already posted. Wow!!! It seems as if designers have entered homes all across America (and beyond) to insure that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

We remodeled ours in 2001 in memory of our son. He loved oak furniture so we had our cabinets custom built in oak. I realize that many think it is outdated. But it touches my heart.

Here is the view from the dining room. (We tore a wall down to make our living, dining, kitchen more of an open concept).

The island was added a bit later and I wish I had made it smaller. The hutch was a find from JCPenney on closeout for $100. I have some of my grandmother's blue hobnail dishes displayed there in the summer months. 

The one area that is important--the coffee center! I love my Bunn maker.

Around the kitchen there are some accessories above the cabinets and of course the TV that helps me get through preparing dinner!

So that is the tour of my heart!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Outdoor spaces and places

The outdoors in summer=relaxing! 

My project this weekend was to paint the floor of the outside deck and inside screened porch. They are adjacent to each other. We screened in the original small deck and added a larger deck. Since the original deck was painted we have re-painted and changed colors over the years.

This time it is a muted brown color. We tried to match a previous color but I picked up the wrong can so we matched to the wrong color. I'll have to live with it until...next time we paint.

The first plan I wanted was to have a bistro area to eat. But it was just too crowded. Instead I have moved the bistro table to the corner and placed my fern on it. Whew--amazing how much space it added! 

The rug was bought at Old Time Pottery (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee) years and years ago. It has held up amazingly well. 

I love ferns! The shady part of the house is just right for ferns. 
The fountain was a gift from a parent at the end of school Love it!

 Now for a little outdoor grilling (which we do all the time--even in winter). And a little eating!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Living Room Linky Party

Sharing our living room areas is the latest linking party! I felt obligated guess I will share my humble abode. Since it is my "cleaning day" this probably is the best time to show my decorating skill or non-skills!

Looking toward the foyer from the dining room you catch a blimpse of the "blogging" chair--recliner--and loveseat. (I want you to know that I had to remove a maltie-poo I am dog sitting for to get this shot).

Standing in front of the loveseat you can take a look at the fireplace and tv armoire. We are contemplating moving the tv over the fireplace and "shoving" the armoire flush against the wall.

Standing next to the fireplace and looking out the sofa table is adjoining the living room.

I did want to share with you this precious chair. It is from a school and is a little oak chair that used to be used in first grade I would guess. Since I teach first grade--well you get the idea.

Toward the sofa from the dining room.
Last picture I promise! The curio cabinet in the corner houses some of my blue ware that I've collected from my grandmother and mom.