Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good Daughter-in-law Deed

I've been wanting to get rid--yes want to take a hammer and knock these down.  They are from the 70's in case you are too young for that. They don't belong to me. Which creates a problem. It would really be tacky to say--do you know how ugly those are?

Now, do you understand? Enough said. Every time we visited from 900 miles away I stared at those. This time my mother-in-law isn't quite herself. As in suffering from pain and short term memory loss. We actually did a few projects around the house and casually mentioned--would you like those painted? 

We couldn't tear them down. That would have caused a bigger problem as in replacing the carpet. (That is another story--we heard over and over about the dirty carpet). 

MIL said that it was fine. This is the result. Better. Not what I really want but much better. I wish we could have taken down the spindles but she is in l-ooo-ve with those.

Removing the spindles is possible. I know. We used to have them in our house--here:--they were right behind the loveseat. Much better. Refreshing.

So my good deed gave me a little peace of mind! Mr. Spouse is going to paint the dining room since he is still there. MIL is in the hospital after having surgery yesterday. Prayers accepted.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Driven by Paint

Savy Southern Style is allowing me to vent. I'm sharing here. Paint problems! It seems all paint is not the same. I tried. I wrote down which paint was in which room/rooms. I had a few places to touch up in the family room and laundry room. I took the can labeled with the color and touched up a few places. But it wasn't the same. You know what that means? If I can't find the paint that matches from my multitude of cans the only thing to do is to paint the entire room.

I tried four different ones until I finally tried one that I had taken to my son's house. It saved me from painting the entire family room.

Then on to the laundry room. There were just a few teeny tiny places that were causing me to be sure that a little paint would take care of the problem. But this time--I couldn't find the paint to match. One would look a little too light and one would look orange. 

The one good thing about the whole project was I cleaned that room totally out. I ironed all my clothes that had been set aside for months. I did all this the night before so I could get an early start.
 I took the inspiration color from my latest "gray" love from my master bedroom.

I had two half cans of the same color--well it says it is the same color. I poured the two cans together and added a touch of white to lighten it a bit since the laundry room has no windows. 

The added touches are black paint that is actually a gallon of mis-tinted paint I got for practically nothing. I've painted the vanity, mirror frame, cabinet, and shelf with it. I'm still on the look for a few more accessories!

This cabinet was brown. 

The vanity was white and the mirror was a brown one I got at TJMaxx. Much easier to do for me than to add trim to a mirror,

Wash stand is an antique from a hotel. We stripped it and poly was applied.

Again, a use of black paint. I need to redo the accessories.

I like the pop of black with the Mindful Gray SW paint color.

Aqua hobnail that was my grandmothers.

Just doesn't match but is one of my favorite pics. I love the hydrangeas.

Mr. Spouse recently painted our shutters. They were green and are now a chocolate brown.   LOVE!