Monday, June 4, 2012

Outdoor spaces and places

The outdoors in summer=relaxing! 

My project this weekend was to paint the floor of the outside deck and inside screened porch. They are adjacent to each other. We screened in the original small deck and added a larger deck. Since the original deck was painted we have re-painted and changed colors over the years.

This time it is a muted brown color. We tried to match a previous color but I picked up the wrong can so we matched to the wrong color. I'll have to live with it time we paint.

The first plan I wanted was to have a bistro area to eat. But it was just too crowded. Instead I have moved the bistro table to the corner and placed my fern on it. Whew--amazing how much space it added! 

The rug was bought at Old Time Pottery (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee) years and years ago. It has held up amazingly well. 

I love ferns! The shady part of the house is just right for ferns. 
The fountain was a gift from a parent at the end of school Love it!

 Now for a little outdoor grilling (which we do all the time--even in winter). And a little eating!

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