Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fireplace Makeover

I was inspired by a post on The Yellow Cape Cod. 
After viewing this I was determined to try this. But fear set in. Once I had started the process, there would be no going back. I went to SW. And looked at the same paint that was recommended. I really didn't want to spend $50 for the paint. So off to Lowe's. The paint mentioned was acrylic latex. Indoor paint. I asked the workers that were mixing paint. They said they didn't have anything that was acrylic latex in indoor paint. So, in my car and just went home.

I slept on it a few days. I came back and read the tutorial. Again, I went to Lowe's and decided I would read the labels because surely they had something. Well, this time the workers were running through with their big loader cart and I kept having to step out of the way. I could NOT find anything and just gave up and went home...again.

I slept on it a few more days--it sounds like I do a lot of sleeping but I promise you that isn't the case.

OK. Third trip to Lowe's. Walked in and went to the Valspar paint--flat indoor white paint--and there in nice big letters--100% acrylic latex. Now I'm not even sure why this is what is needed. But I grabbed that paint and paid for it--it was $27. Much better than $50.

I thought it would take hours and hours to complete. I finally got my nerve up. And started:
30 minutes--cleaning off the mantel and wiping down the brick.
10 minutes--preparing by taping off areas and mixing the paint/whitewash mixture.
I mixed two cups of paint and two cups of water. It is really,, really thin!

45 minutes--painting on a section and then wiping it off. And project was complete!!!!
What? I did it in only a little over an hour????

I'm not finished with accessorizing. But I just placed a couple of things there to see the contrast.

I think I'm going to sleep well tonight! I'm a happy camper.

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