Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Driven by Paint

Savy Southern Style is allowing me to vent. I'm sharing here. Paint problems! It seems all paint is not the same. I tried. I wrote down which paint was in which room/rooms. I had a few places to touch up in the family room and laundry room. I took the can labeled with the color and touched up a few places. But it wasn't the same. You know what that means? If I can't find the paint that matches from my multitude of cans the only thing to do is to paint the entire room.

I tried four different ones until I finally tried one that I had taken to my son's house. It saved me from painting the entire family room.

Then on to the laundry room. There were just a few teeny tiny places that were causing me to be sure that a little paint would take care of the problem. But this time--I couldn't find the paint to match. One would look a little too light and one would look orange. 

The one good thing about the whole project was I cleaned that room totally out. I ironed all my clothes that had been set aside for months. I did all this the night before so I could get an early start.
 I took the inspiration color from my latest "gray" love from my master bedroom.

I had two half cans of the same color--well it says it is the same color. I poured the two cans together and added a touch of white to lighten it a bit since the laundry room has no windows. 

The added touches are black paint that is actually a gallon of mis-tinted paint I got for practically nothing. I've painted the vanity, mirror frame, cabinet, and shelf with it. I'm still on the look for a few more accessories!

This cabinet was brown. 

The vanity was white and the mirror was a brown one I got at TJMaxx. Much easier to do for me than to add trim to a mirror,

Wash stand is an antique from a hotel. We stripped it and poly was applied.

Again, a use of black paint. I need to redo the accessories.

I like the pop of black with the Mindful Gray SW paint color.

Aqua hobnail that was my grandmothers.

Just doesn't match but is one of my favorite pics. I love the hydrangeas.

Mr. Spouse recently painted our shutters. They were green and are now a chocolate brown.   LOVE!

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