Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Projects

I am. out. of. school! Yes, I am a teacher and this summer I am not teaching summer school. I will have time to relax on the screened in porch. I will have time to plan and FINISH projects.

I finally finished the last painting project in my living room. The curio cabinet was the easiest by far. It joins the others.

I think if I make a list each week I will be more dedicated forced to accomplish some of it. This week I really have to work on the steps. I have lightly sanded them and will have to sand and poly them. My son's dog scratched the finish on them. Hopefully I can make them more presentable. The issue will be that we will have to go out of the house via the screened in porch for a day or two. 

We will see next week if I accomplished this week's goal.

Happy summer!

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