Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Repaint. Redo.

This week I've been on Spring break from school. I also have spent hours with a paint brush in my hand. Not how I had planned to relax.

On the previous post I was not happy with the results of my painting pine project. The someday became yesterday and today. I think I changed my tactics. This time I decided to redo the tops of the end tables. I sanded and sanded them smooth. This time I put on a layer of Kilz 2 primer with a roller. 

I applied the Coffee Bean paint--with a roller. 

Looking  better already! Next went the satin poly top coat. They look MUCH better. Enough that I can live with them.

Today I tackled the base of my Fontana media cabinet. Since we hung the television above the fireplace we removed the top portion.
Again, I followed the primer, two coats of paint, glaze tinted with black, and top coat.

And the finished project is now finished! Completed. The rest of spring break will not be spent with a paintbrush!

I think it needs to be spent looking for a new camera. Mine has just bit the dust!

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