Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good Daughter-in-law Deed

I've been wanting to get rid--yes want to take a hammer and knock these down.  They are from the 70's in case you are too young for that. They don't belong to me. Which creates a problem. It would really be tacky to say--do you know how ugly those are?

Now, do you understand? Enough said. Every time we visited from 900 miles away I stared at those. This time my mother-in-law isn't quite herself. As in suffering from pain and short term memory loss. We actually did a few projects around the house and casually mentioned--would you like those painted? 

We couldn't tear them down. That would have caused a bigger problem as in replacing the carpet. (That is another story--we heard over and over about the dirty carpet). 

MIL said that it was fine. This is the result. Better. Not what I really want but much better. I wish we could have taken down the spindles but she is in l-ooo-ve with those.

Removing the spindles is possible. I know. We used to have them in our house--here:--they were right behind the loveseat. Much better. Refreshing.

So my good deed gave me a little peace of mind! Mr. Spouse is going to paint the dining room since he is still there. MIL is in the hospital after having surgery yesterday. Prayers accepted.

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