Wednesday, January 29, 2014

General and I

I looked at my nice china cabinet and no-longer honey pine table through the holidays. I really didn't think I wanted to tackle the chairs. After all--they were oak and had been stained and finished by Mr. Spouse.

Excuse the drop cloth rug! But after staring and it and my mom asking "when are you going to do those chairs?" I thought they probably needed me...yes to tackle the chairs.

So I ventured off to purchase another quart. And, yes, it sat for a while (maybe a month!). I am a when I get an idea in my mind I will do it right then. With a few extra hours because of snow days off from school and delayed starts to school. I began. Three at a time so that we could still have meals. And yes, I worked right in the dining room since it is winter after all. The garage is cold!

I use the sock method to apply the gel stain. I did learn from the project that it is important to let the stain dry for 24 hours between coats. Otherwise you are just pulling off the stain in places.

These chairs have lots of grooves but I like the fact that it will resemble years of use when there are spots that are a slightly different color.

I am happy, happy, happy! Excuse the pictures taken with my iphone.

Now...what can I do next?

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