Sunday, July 21, 2013

Awesome discovery!

I am all for anything that is going to make a dreaded job easier. Aren't we all liking this? Lazy? Smart? Yes.

Our deck and screened porch is on the shady side of the house. Needless to say mold and algae must like shady sides of houses because I have a green thumb for growing these.

In order to keep things clean Mr. Spouse has used the pressure washer. It will remove the mold. It will remove the algae. But it also removes the paint. Now I'm not wanting to keep adding paint to the deck and the spindles and the steps because that is a dreaded job.

Also the vinyl siding had the same growth features. It is supposed to be almond--not green or black speckled.

I was walking through Lowes and saw this product:
It comes with the attachment so that all is needed to use is to attach it to a water hose. Now that is my kind of work: attach, turn on water, spray. Rest for ten minutes. Spray with just water. (See the E-Z on the label?) So I bought a couple. They were really cheap--as in $8 each. And I tried it. AND it worked! It removed all those plant specimens. 

I first tried it on the siding. Mr. Spouse was elated (as in I had done it for him! type of happy). We raced back to Lowes--well actually on our next trip to Lowes I searched for the bottles. Gulp. They had moved them but being the diligent teacher that I am--they couldn't hide them from me. 

Saturday I decided to tackle the deck. We had out glass table on the outside deck and I was inspired by Rhoda after seeing her porch. If I could move the table inside to the screened in porch we could eat out there! I sprayed the deck and took a $1 rag mop from Dollar Tree and rubbed the decking. I sprayed again and rubbed a little more. Then I hosed it all off! 

Our table is now sitting on the screened in portion.
 My cleaned decking with two of the chairs.
Some of my beautiful geraniums and ferns.

And I also put some of my plates on display. These are plastic ones I got a couple years ago at Wal-Mart. I love the design in them.

Here's to the rest of summer and an easy job completed!
I was not compensated for this advertisement--just wanted to share a great product!

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