Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bye-Bye Baby

Yes, it is out with the old. Bye-bye big huge take-over-the room armoire.  Even though I paid $$$ for you and searched until I found you. It's time to go.

You overtook my fireplace. You created a barrier into the dining room. But...I didn't worry about those little things. Because I liked you. 

But, things changed. People began selling those babies--on Craig's List and Ebay...all. the.time. It was an omen. Yes, your days were limited. 

What began as a thoughtful search for the perfect Christmas gift for Mr. Spouse ended your reign. I ordered your replacement for a mere $30 and that included shipping. A metal bracket. A morning project. were gone--at least your top half was. We kept a part of you to hold our receiver, Direct TV box, DVD player. And...

I think I will always remember you---as long as you are sitting in my garage I cannot possibly forget you!

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